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We’re looking for you to help out with out 2020 line up, the best part is you don’t need to be a designer.

But we want something specific. If you don’t know we’re an Australian company and we like to bring Australian themes into a lot of our designs. So the graphic needs to be something unique to Australian and the Australian Snow. The second thing is we want a picture graphic and this is where you can get kind of creative. Whether its a landscape, a sunset, a wombat just chilling on the white stuff or even just a close up of a snow gum there are no bad ideas, well except selfies, even if you’re a 10 probably not what we’re looking for.

Photos will need to be in 300dpi, so Iphone photos probably wont work and you need to consider board ratios and cropping before submitting. If you do want to do some editing and cropping onto the board please email us for a photoshop template.

Winner will get a custom version of their graphic on a board and $500 cash.

Must be your original photo or artwork. No stealing off google or instagram. Competition ends September 1st. Pleas email submissions HERE.

Don’t know photoshop and want a guide for ratios, please download the image below to help with cropping