Wanna ride for/collaborate with Kyneee?

Every year we get emails and DMs from people who say “yo I want to be sponsored, I don’t have any footage/content but this is my year I know I’ll break out” or “I’m just a grom but I’m getting there”. Well if you believe in yourself we believe in you and want to see you succeed. But boards ain’t cheap and we have limited resources so we’re setting up a program that allows people to our team as ambadassadors separate to our normal full team riders.

What do ambadassadors get?

Well first up cheaper kickass boards and soft goods from Kyneee as well as specific ambadassador only merch. Which is sick in its own right. Secondly we’ll give you a code to give to any of your friends followers or mates that gives them a discount and gives you a kickback on sales. But finally the best part payment in cash or credit for any content you create that makes it to our main social media feeds (insta/facebook stories not included). Also if your part of our ambadassador program you have a greater chance of getting into our full sponsorship program when spots open up.

If you’re keen to get involved and want to say “I ride for kyneee” get on it as there is only limited spots being offered.