Our Ethos

At Kyneee we like to do our own thing. We don’t like to be pigeon holed. We want to keep you guessing. We don’t like to follow the crowd. We don’t follow the usual industry guidelines or rules.

We can be a little punk, we can be a little corporate. Some people like what we do, some people hate us.

We’re not here for fame or fortune. We don’t post things on our socials to get 1000 likes. We don’t aim to have as many followers as a Kardashian.

We don’t care if it’s your first time shredding or you’ve been doing it since birth.

Whatever you think we are, we’re not…

We don’t buy into bullshit. We’re here to make good, solid snowboards. Boards to help you get down the hill fast while having a rad time.

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