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2016 Pow Board

If you’ve been following our snapchat you would have seen previews of our 2016 pow board graphics. Now its finally time to drop some details while we’re waiting on the graphics to be completed.

With the new model we’ve kept things pretty similar to the Japow shape wise. That board was definitely our most popular to date so we didn’t want to mess with it too much. We’ve made changed the core up, its now bamboo and made an adjustment to the nose shape to bring it into line with our other premium boards.

The board has amazing float in powder. A larger nose and set back stance helps keep the nose up and gives the board a real surf feel. Bamboo core keeps it really responsive and perfect for slashing in the trees.

The boards will be available in 2 sizes to start off with a 151 and 156. We are going to look at the option of a 3rd size in 145 but it will depend on demand. So far boards under 150 haven’t really been popular. Boards will be shipping in December.



The boards are going to retail at $550 including shipping Australia wide, or its an extra $100au for international shipping. They’ll be up on the site for pre-order once the graphics are done  and will ship in December.