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Store in a Cool, Dry Place…

We build boards to last ages, but boards aren’t indestructible so the way you store them over summer can really help prolong the life of your board. We’re not just talking summer wax, Australian summers are harsh, here are some tips that might be common sense or they¬†could save you some $$$ if you don’t have to fork out for a new board.

Store in a cool place. Snowboards aren’t made for 40 degree days and prolonged exposure to heat can turn your board into a plastic wrapped plank . We’re not saying keep your board in the fridge, just maybe not in the hottest part of your house especially if its there all summer.

Don’t stack stuff on top of your boards. When boards are build they go into a machine press that uses heat and pressure to set the camber of your boards. This can be easily undone by leaving something overly heavy on top of your board for a few months while you enjoy the heat.

Don’t leave them out in the elements. Yes we ride snowboards around in rain, hail and shine(and everything else) but leaving them outside is going to make your brand new board look vintage pretty quick. Even in the middle of winter its important to leave your board face down if you’re leaving it in the sun. Most companies don’t cover for colour fade on the top sheet, so to keep it looking fresh, keep your board face down.

Lastly always clean your board and put a summer wax on it before you put it away.