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April fools!!!! Introducing: Kyneee Toboggans!

“there’s a huge gap in the extreme toboggan riding movement, we’re looking to do for ski resorts what razor scooters have done for skate parks” – Paul Smorgasbord, Director of Sales at Kyneee.

Kyneee has gone through a huge amount of changes in the 5  years we have been around. As we move closer to our 2017 we are stoked to announce we will be making a premium line of extreme toboggans. We really see this as a huge emerging market, right now you’re witnessing the birth of the next big thing in snow sports. We’re really stoked to see what becomes of this, like the early days of snowboarding we know it will be a struggle, but as we now know its totally worth it.

We’ve put tens of dollars into R&D and we’re pretty confident we have come up with the best toboggan on the market. We’ve used grade 11 plastic, which is better than the standard grade 10. All our dishes are hand shaped, and 100 times better than your cheap mass produced, import toboggans.  We’ve teamed the superior dish up with the smoothest nylon rope available to reduce rope burn and hand fatigue. We also have a range of handles currently being developed by our engineering teams to increase user control. This all combines like a mega power ranger for  superior response and feel in your ass, feet or chest(ride it how you want to we don’t judge).

We’re also announcing our first crossover athlete. Josh Agnew has been impressing us on his snowboards since joining kyneee late last year but he has also impressed us with his crossover into the realm of semi-professional tobogganing. Also joining the team is Josh’s cousin Mitch Austin, we look forward to these guys being the Terje/Craig Kelly’s of the tobogganing world.

Kyneee tobogans will be available in red, pink and blue and retail for $213. You can preorder yours now at this link.

All the local shred shops have been super keen to get in on this Aussie grassroots movement, so you can also look for Kyneee toboggans dropping in all good shred stores this winter. Support Aussie tobogganing.