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Dont Call it a Design Comp – Vote Now


Its your time to vote, check the finalist below and choose who you think should win. You can only vote once so chose wisely. Scoll below to see larger versions of the finalists.

Remember if the board you like doesn’t win you can always order it as a custom. Click here for details.


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17 thoughts on “Dont Call it a Design Comp – Vote Now

  1. Squeaky Clean all day

  2. Love the design. So want one!!! Go squeaky clean!!

  3. Amazing work up in smoke, awesome design!

  4. Up in smoke all day long!! Love it

  5. Azure, so classy. Your doing well for not having a Facebook account. Can not wait for winter to get one of these on my feet.

  6. Azura for the win! Will be buying yours regardless! Looks too good!!!!

  7. Awesome design – Up In Smoke

  8. Azure all the way! Avalanche baby. Mega talent. 

  9. All are great, but only one stands out! 

  10. Squeaky clean is killing it. 

  11. squeaky clean sickkk

  12. I think squeaky clean rhis the best 

  13. Awesome designs!!

  14. Why not use all of them? Each one looks awesome! Can open up the target market a little bit more!

  15. Squeaky Clean the best

  16. Squeaky clean the best one 

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