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Less is More

Snowboards contribute to climate change. Whether its in production or in freighting them around the world from factory to distro to shops, it all adds up. Then on top of that they’re essentially a plastic product that will still be around long after your shredding days are over.

The search is always on to make our boards greener. But we don’t have huge amounts of cash to throw at R&D and we’re not here to green wash you with false promises of boards you can recycle in your kerbside rubbish.

With all this in mind we think the best thing we can do is to encourage you to appreciate your boards a lot more. So starting with our 2020 line up we’ll be limiting the amount of boards we make to a maximum of either 5 or 10 boards per size in each model. We will be announcing over the coming weeks as we drop our lineup what boards will have what numbers.

We also aim to have a Kyneee resale site up and before the Australian 2020 season to allow you to sell your old Kyneee board if its sitting in the corner not being used and you want to pass it on.

More details to come.