Love Your Board

You might have noticed us talking about how we’re only dropping 20 board of each design this year and be like “lol you at supreme that exclusivity stuff won’t work”. But that’s not our agenda here.

Look we don’t want to get all preachy because we’ve all heard that line that 100 companies are responsible for 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 and personal responsibility is great and all but realistically personal human emissions is dwarfed by that of corporations. However snowboards are wood dipped in resin and coasted in plastic with some fiberglass thrown in and we rely on the place staying cool so we’re always looking to do our part no matter how small that is.

Our focus has always been on building board for you guys . We try to understand you and where and how you like to ride and build boards that you will love, boards that are focused on being the best boards for the riding conditions you face not someone with heli budgets and/or snow mobiles. With all this in mind have moved to limiting the amount of stock boards we make every year and shifting to a heavier focus on the Blank By You and Custom Boards. We want you to love your board, cherish it and ride it for years and as a brand we want to limit what we’ll be leaving to rott on the planet with our name on it for the next 1000 years(again the plastic).

We’ll also be changing the way we give out our boards to our riders. Typically for sales sake you want your riders to be riding current or future models to help sell boards. But if they don’t need a new board why give them one? Its just wasteful.

Why not just make greener boards?

Honestly the tech to make boards greener just isn’t there yet. There’s been a few ideas that brands and factories have come up with that when you dig a little deeper it doesn’t actually change much. We have changed a few processes though. If you’ve bought a board in the last couple of seasons you would have noticed the TPU topsheets that increase strength, reduce weight and also the amount of components that go into our board production. As well as this we have transitioned to sustainable wood cores. But again its mostly resins and plastic.

Can you just offset the carbon?

Yeah we’re working on that. Its pretty technical trying to work out the exact amount of greenhouses gasses emitted per board. But we are working on it and will be aiming to offer the option of net zero our boards by the end of 2023 season.

But what about all the amazing new board tech that comes out every year? I need to upgrade!

We’ve been making boards for almost a decade now and riding them for more than 2 decades. There hasn’t been any major changes in board tech since the invention of different cambers in the 00s. Don’t get us wrong there’s a minor few tweaks here and there but mostly new idea’s aren’t all that revolutionary(we know this for sure because if there was skiers would be stealing them again).

We’re not saying never buy new boards. We’re just saying maybe consider whether you really actually need one for the sake of the planet. We want to keep the seasons rolling for a long time and we just want you guys to have the best quality boards, that suit where you want to ride with graphics that you’ll froth over and if that graphic is a picture of your dog, well we’re here to make it happen.