Blank Ski


Regular rise camber
Sandwich Construction
Mid Flex
Poplar Core
Sintered Base
Triaxial Fibreglass
Japanese Steel Edges
ABS Sidewall
**Bindings not included**

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If a snowboard company makes a ski does that make them snowboards?

The blank ski seems kyneee snowboards flip the convention and become a snowboard company that makes skis to help boost its bottom line in these difficult times. Only available to order between January and May the blank ski see’s us take what we’ve been doing with boards for the last 11 years and apply it to skis.

The blank ski is a mid flex freestyle ski meant for hitting rails and jumps or charing all mountain. We don’t know whatever you skier kids get up to.

We’re running two skis this year and the only difference is the core and flex. THE Blank ski runs a poplar core which means it has some extra snap in it.

These waist widths are different, what’s up with that? Honestly we don’t know what you skiers are doing. We’ve scaled the waist width the same way we would a snowboard so the 160 should ride in a similar way to the 180. That other way doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Maybe we’re dumb or maybe it’s the skiing?


Length Effective Edge Nose Width Waist Width Tail Width Radius
168cm 910 129 92 120 13.5
178cm 1010 129 92 120 14.5
188cm 1110 129 92 120 15.5
200cm 1320 165 108 145 11

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168, 178, 188, 200


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