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Tramp training snowboards are the ultimate off snow training device. Essential for anyone looking for training devices that give a realistic SKI feel in the air or spinning on to rails and ledges.

We offer tramp SKIS in two kinds of bases both with pros and cons for riding.

Foam bases:
Foam bases are specifically meant for trampoline training. The edge is more forgiving and will be less likely to cause damage to the trampoline surface. Foam bases are also better for people looking to get started with spinning onto and off the balance bar as it offers more stick for balance.

PTEX bases:
PTEX bases tramp/training boards will allow you to get a more realistic feel spinning onto and off the balance bar. The base is constructed with the same base technology as our snowboards meaning you get the exact same feeling as landing on a regular board minus the edges.

Each Kit comes with a training board, bindings and balance bar to help you take your riding to the next level.


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