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That’s a wrap…

Holy shit 2016 was HUGE!!!!

THANK YOU to anyone who bought a board a hood or anything from us this season! It was crazy busy and some people thought we were talking shit when we were saying we couldn’t keep up with demand, but truly it was fucking busy and we couldn’t keep up on some sizes and styles of boards.┬áIt wasn’t all smooth sailing and rad times so big thank you to the people who were super patient waiting for stock to arrive.

It was so sick to finally see some boards out on the hill and it was rad to be able to High 5 some of you guys. We’re really appreciative of anyone who decides to choose our boards over the other brands. We don’t get a lot of support from the ‘industry’, he’ll some of these people told me we wouldn’t make it past year 1. We’ll keep on pushing on, doing things our own way and trying to influence snowboarding with positivity and love.

Our team killed it this year especially Beau who had an awesome season until he got injured. You’re support really helps us give back and try and progress Aussie snowboarding.

We love snowboarding, we love making boards, thanks for helping keeping us going.

Thanks for an awesome season. We’re off to roam the jungle of a pacific island to try and track down our 2016 pow board, see you in a couple of weeks

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