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The Blank 2015.


2015 see’s the return of the Blank. The concept behind this board is we wanted a kickass, no bullshit board that doesn’t cost a small fortune. The blank totally delivers.

The graphics of this board is based off the 1990’s Orlando Magic jerseys. Think 90’s Shaq. This years board also see’s the it move away from a completely blank base to a Kyneee branded base. We got a lot of feedback that this is what people wanted, so we give the people what they want.

The board is a regular camber mid flex board. This is the original camber and is awesome for aggressive riders and people who want bigger ollies and quicker turns. The camber is a lot more stable for sticking landings on larger jumps and is a lot more stable at higher speeds. The mid flex means the board can handle cruising around the mountain or hitting the XL line in the park. If you’re after a specific jib board though check out the blank zero.


For us the Blank is the ultimate if you want something that can handle the entire mountain and if you can only afford one board this should definitely be it.

You can buy the board HERE.

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