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Calling Female Board Designers…

2018 will see us having two female specific boards on our line up.

The specs of the boards are pretty much finalised but the graphics are not…

Rather than us(a group of dudes) trying to come up with what female’s want on their boards, we’d thought we’d throw it over to you to show us what you want.

First things first you’ll need to be able to make your design able to be put onto a board. Unfortunately something you draw on a napkin and shoot on an iphone wont work… unless that’s the style you want. So we’ll need you’re design in .pdf, .ai, .psd format. We can also accept high quality .jpeg or photos that are 300dpi.

You’ll want to consider who we are as a company when designing, please keep it light, keep it fresh and throw in a subliminal message if you can.

This is not a competition as such, but we will be choosing either 1 or 2 designs to be in the 2018 line up.

What’s in it for you?
Designers do get a copy of their board and will be paid on a per unit sold basis.

Please submit your designs or drop and to if you want more info or a template.