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The Blank Zero


If you’ve just dropped $700 on a brand new board you probably don’t want to take it out to hit some rails on day one. The Blank Zero allows you to have a dedicated jib board that you’re not going to feel bad about going hard on the jibs from day one. There is no denying the skateboard influence when it comes to jibbing, but with a new skateboard deck costing $50-$150 its not such a big deal if you trash a deck in a month.

The design and colourway is meant to be the exact opposite of the blank. But this also reflects a 1990s Chicago Bulls jersey. Think Jordan in his heyday.


The Blank zero is a Jibbers wet dream, Zero camber gives the board the stability of a regular camber but the loose forgiving feel of a reverse camber board. The board also has a slight lift at the tip and tail give you a catch free ride. The Zero is a soft flex which is ideal for rails, boxes and other jibs. It can also handle M to L jumps. The soft flex is also ideal for beginners.

You can buy the board HERE.